11 random facts at Christmas time

It's Christmas time. A time to be even happier, take a break and play a little with my wonderful friends all over the world, this fantastic PLN full of  amazing people I've learned to love and respect. I feel so proud and happy to be remembered by so many respectful friends and educators! And although I have to give the final touch and prepare dinner for my Christmas Party tomorrow, let's stop a little and play the game!  

How it works:

1. Acknowledge the blogger(s) who've tagged you
2. Share 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions nominating  blogger(s)
4. List 11 bloggers
5. Post 11 questions for the nominated bloggers you 've chosen and let them know they've been tagged. don't nominate bloggers who nominated you.

I've been  tagged by : Carol Goodey Ana Menezes,  Debora Tebovich, Ika Chieka Wibowo, Juan Uribe, Retno Sofyaniek Date English and Priscila Mateini
I'll start thanking and answering Carol Goodey. Thank you so much, dear Carol! I feel really proud and honoured I've been tagged by you! 

11 Random facts about myself::

  1. I love Christmas and everything related to it! (songs, food, decoration, etc.)
  2. I love celebrating my birthday with a party and a lot of presents
  3. I prefer cold weather although I  was born and live in a sunny warm place all over the year
  4. I love rainy days and the smell of the rain 
  5. I'm afraid of most insects
  6. My daughter will get married in 2014 and I am really happy
  7. I love playing the role of a housewife but I hate ironing
  8. I'm afraid of diving. I'll never dive into the sea! 
  9. I love watching all CSI series and similar on TV . LOL
  10. If I weren't a teacher, I'd probably be a lawyer
  11. I  want to be a grandma ASAP! 

My responses to Carol:

1, What do you most enjoy about blogging? 
I most enjoy sharing my thoughts with people all over the world, learn from them, getting to know new people but most of all the sense of recognition and gratitude about my work. 

2. Do you play a musical instrument? 
Yes, I do! I (still) play the guitar well (people say) and I used to play the piano. I was my son's first guitar teacher! 

3. How far do you travel to work? How do you travel?
I drive to work for about 30 minutes every day. It would be less if the traffic wasn't awful! 

4. What do you enjoy about the work you do? 
I was definitely born to be a teacher but I love mentoring both teachers and students! 

5. What was the first thing you ate today? 
LOL! Papaya! 

6.  If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
At this very moment I'd love to go to Greece because I've never been there and there are two special people who've become very close friends of mine and who I've never met in person. I'd love to meet them , hug them and talk till we die! 

7. What month next year you are most looking forward to?
November beacause of mu daughter's wedding!

8. What meal do you prepare most often to your friends? 
Seafood. I love cooking and people say my shrimp risotto rocks! LOL!

9. What was the last movie you saw? What did you think?
It was Renoir. I wish I could enter the screen and be part of that film! Wonderful colours, plot , cast and scenery! I do love it! 

10. What three things to you like to have with you when working? 
- a computer
- a lot of space 
- a bottle of water

11. What do you think about reality TV shows? 
I hardly ever watch TV but when it happens to see one of those RS when I'm surfing TV channels , I usually don'r like them. They bring me a sense of unhealthy competition and torturing!

My list of bloggers to answer my questions:
  1. Graeme Hodgson
  2. Tams Lorincz
  3. Rose Bard
  4. Vicky Loras 
  5. Kieran Donaghy
  6. Carla Arena
  7. Marcelo de Cristo
  8. Henrick Oprea
  9. Chew Pang
  10. Dimitris Primalis  
  11. Maria Bossa

My questions for you: 
  1. What's you favourite season ? 
  2. Do you like celebrating your birthday with parties full of people?
  3. Do you have any hobbies?
  4. What's the best place you've ever been to? 
  5. What's the worst film you've ever watched? Why? 
  6. What city in Brazil would you first like visiting? Why? 
  7. Are you a  good cook? What kind food do you cook best? 
  8. Do you have a favourite song? Why is it your favourite?
  9. What was the best year in your school times? Why?
  10. What do you consider to be the best thing about being and educator?
  11. If you had three wishes for 2014 what would they be? 
I look forward to your answers! 


Living in Barcelona said...

Wow!!! Rose!!! I really love it!!! You play the Guitar too, let's have a great time at Braz-Tesol!!! What about a gig!!!

Hassan Ali said...

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Roseli Serra said...

Hi, Hassan,

Thank you for encouraging me to write more!


Roseli Serra said...

Hi, Living in Barcelona!

OH yeah! I still play the guitar! ;) Let's meet at Braz- tesol! I'm looking forward to it! :)

Shofiul Shohag said...

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attaur rehman said...

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Georgia Cravenz said...

This blog is really awesome! It may have talked about your interest and all but these facts are also connected to other people. I'll do this game too but with a little twist in it like mentioning my dream vacation, my favorite coffee machine, and all those stuffs I love. Thank you for giving me such an excellent idea!

Roseli Serra said...

Thank you very much for all your comments! I so hapy you all like it! Feel free to use, adapt and share :)

Best wishes,


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