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October 2013 has been a really busy and exciting month. Apart from all the work a teacher like me and you have to do,  I presented in two conferences : One ftf and one online. Two different experiences, completely different approaches but  for both audiences   I had teachers sharing and caring about waht we do best: TEACH! (By the way,  I still have another conference on 25th . YES!)
                As for the first one, The Future of Education - The 2013 Reform Symposium it is a world online conference and the other one the ACINNE conference   which has to do with CULTURA INGLESA , the institute I work as a teacher. Considering both conferences were one day after another, I delivered the same presentation and decided to write a post in order to share them with you. Before building up this presentation, I decided to make a survey with teachers asking them What memorable lessons mean to them. See their responses:

After the  listening to them  it came to my mind some teachers who manage to make the difference both in real life ( my life ) as well as those whose stories ( fictional or not) became films that have inspired teachers, educator,  people in general all over the world.  I've chosen two  of my favourite cinema characters who played the role of two amazing teachers: Mr Holland and Sister Act 2 . Two different situations, two different teachers with completely different approaches who've changed their SS' lives forever!

Having been inspired  by hundreds of colleagues and my SS, I decided to experience what I call " The good:, the old and the new " with my SS. 

The aim of these activities are:

They not only involve web tools and apps but also lots of different activities we used to do a  lot in class and which  provide learning and good fun to our SS. 

Some example of the "Old tools" 
  • Board games
  • Speaking -Card games 
  • The "Freedonia Project" - A very old activity I myself took part as a student  

  • Target language:  Can/ Can't. Must / Mustn't. have to/ Don't have to, allowed to/ not allowed to, should/ shouldn't etc.
  • Level: Any
  • Advantage : Adaptble 

Results:  SS engaged, a lot of noise and fun, very good for revising language, a lot of speaking opportunities, skills worked interrogatively,   reached all learning styles , revealed talents - SS' creativity and use of imagination , a room for the SS to revise some rules and create their own. 


Have SS in groups
Tell them they should create a country that ends with - onia Ex: Appleonia Bookonia ...

SS are told to:
  • Draw a map for the country, 
  • Write rules for the country (based on the TL) 
  • Choose from 3 to 5 local places in this  country and create rules for them



According to Nik Peach

It’s important that language learners have the opportunity to use language creatively to express something of their own personality or identity. Apps  which support this kind of creativity can be potentially very useful.They, in some way, develop a digital skill that can be transferred outside of the learning context and used in some authentic way either in the workplace or as part of SS' lifestyle...... If they are motivating for native speakers to use for genuine purposes, they should  also be motivating for language learners for that same purpose as they involve some sort of linguistic input or output that are ideally suited to language teaching purposes.

To work with apps and web tools I made use of two strategies
  1. BYOD - Bring your own device - As you see in the picture above , my SS bring to school their smartphones, tablets and laptops  for us to use in classroom. 
  2. Using the school computer lab - The MLC ( Multimedia Learning Centre) as in the picture below            
First of all I have all my groups of SS on Edmodo. This platform is used for educational purposes only and :
  • I assign homework and projects
  • Give feedback to my SS
  • Grade my SS 
  • Create events and alerts
  • Communicate with my groups  in a safe platform 
  • Parents can access 

  • I also created a wikispaces where I Store all my SS electronic portfolios. It's a good way to have them kept , SS and parents can see and feel proud and for me , as a teacher, I can change, improve , create and manage it the way I want. 

    • Some web tools  I showed on this presentation:

      Glogster  and  Smore : I posted the task on the Edmodo where the SS were supposed to create a book project  based on a book they've chosen to read. The guidelines were:

      • Describe a character from the book 
      • Describe a place from the book 
      • Describe a period when the story takes place
      • Describe the atmosphere of the story
      • What kind of music do you associate with the story?
      • Describe a relationship between some characters
      • Describe how a character develops/ changes during the story
      • Describe a special moment of the story 
      • Describe  your own feelings when reading the book ( explain them) 
      • Think of questions  you would like to ask the writer and explain why these questions 

      If you want to see this glogster click here  

      As for the Smore, click here

      • BookR  It's a cute project! An electronic flipped book  my 10-11 y/o SS created .  If you want to see some of my SS BookR click here and here

      Other web- tools: 
      As for the other web tools, they are self explanatory and you can see how to work with them just click on the slideshare below. 

      My final Tips: 

      Enjoy you teaching!



      Debbie said...

      Awesome presentation.

      Roseli Serra said...

      Thank you very much, Debbie! I feel honoured to have you reading me :)

      Warm hugs from Brazil!

      Anonymous said...

      Hi Roseli,
      and thanks for sharing so many great ideas! I really like the country game where SS have to create a country and then come up with rules for it. Will probably use it in one way or another!
      So thanks a million!

      Lorne Nathan said...

      Great presentation! SS stands for?

      Ana Paula Gasparini said...

      Congrats, Rose! Great ideas to share with other teachers!

      Ana Paula Gasparini said...

      Congrats, Rose! Great ideas to share with teachers!

      Roseli Serra said...

      Thank you so much for your lovely words, Ana! Feel free to share! ;)

      Roseli Serra said...

      Hi ,Lorne,

      I am happy you like it! SS stands for students!
      Than, you for reading and feel free to use and share the ideas!

      Roseli Serra said...

      Hi , Swisssirja

      I am so happy you like the old and the good too! Thank you for reading and feel free to use and share the ideas!

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      HI Roseli...........Great Presentation...

      Syke A.K.

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