How to help children love writing in English

Many if us don't  often use a pen and paper to write at length in our daily lives, yet this is what we expect of young learners. In this article I wrote for British Council Voices , I come up with some fun class activities that will help students between the ages of 10 and 12 learn and love to write. 

Have fun and Enjoy your teaching!


write my book said...

Hi there!. Your tips is a great help for children. Thanks for sharing.

Roseli Serra said...

Hi, write my book,

I am happy you like my tips! Thank you for reading!

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Keyle Rece said...

it looks that you are very experienced in teaching level,
good post dear, also let me know through your updated post regarding more help.
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Roseli Serra said...

Hi, Keyle,

Thank you for reading and for your comment! It's a pleasure to know that it helped you in some way!

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